Pavel Janák: Cup with saucer red decor - detail of advertisement

Pavel Janák (1882 – 1956)
Pavel Janák (1882 – 1956)
Pavel Janák (1882 – 1956)
Pavel Janák (1882 – 1956)
Pavel Janák (1882 – 1956)
Pavel Janák (1882 – 1956)

Licensed replica: Pavel Janák: Cup with saucer red decor

Bohemia 1911, Manufacturer: Modernist,


The conical-shaped service with twelve facets with ball-shaped tabs is designed in five different decors: black zigzag, gold zigzag, black line, gold line and silver line. The set includes a cup and saucer, sugar bowl, large, medium and small teapots. Service with red and blue decoration includes only medium teapot, cup and saucer and sugar bowl. The service can also be purchased as individual pieces. Reproduction of the original stored in the UPM. Hand decorated glazed porcelain cast.


Pavel Janák (1882 - 1956)

A versatile artist: architect, urban planner, designer and teacher, Pavel Janák was a leading theoretician of the Czech Cubist movement, a proponent of interwar Art Deco and radical Modernism embodied by Functionalism, but also the author of excellent reconstructions of important historical buildings.

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antiques by Category: porcelain cups & saucers

height: 65 mm

country of origin: Europe - Bohemia

period / style: Cubism 

author: Pavel Janák (1882 – 1956)

number of pieces: 1

materials: white porcelain

details: hand painted

locality: Prague

seller - Licensed replicas and antiques: MODERNISTA

price: 105,- € does not increase the price of goods by its commission and, as a result, some items here are cheaper by tens of percents than the same items on other websites.

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