Bowl of green opal glass and gilded belt - detail of advertisement

Bowl of green opal glass and gilded belt

Bowl of green opal glass and gilded belt

Bowl of green opal glass and gilded belt

Bowl of green opal glass and gilded belt

Bowl of green opal glass and gilded belt

Bowl of green opal glass and gilded belt

Antique: Bowl of green opal glass and gilded belt

Opal glass, light green, gold. Round base and tapered foot, decorated with golden lines. Round, stepped bowl. Decorated with a gold plated relief with an antique theme. According to Moser products. Czechoslovakia 1920 - 1940. Height 17 cm, width 20 cm.

date of insertion: 3.9.2017 16:22:43

type of antique good: Glass - bowls, dishes, pedestal bowls, baskets

antique galleries: Antiques Pod Kinskou, Ltd.

width: 200 mm

height: 170 mm

approximate year of manufacture: 1940

country of origin: Europe – Czechoslovakia

period / style: the first half of the 20th century

number of pieces: 1

made of materials: gold, opal glass, green glass

locality: Capital city of Prague (Praha)

price: 115,- €

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